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Nintendo Switch (echo)

Group Founder: warded
Description: Mario, Zelda etc.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 6
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (16)

go Free Games in eShop (12) warded
redalert.gif Super Kirby Clash, Deltarune, Fallout Shelter, Asphalt 9 Legends, Pinball FX3, The pinball arcade, Gems of War, Color Zen, Kitten Squad, Galak-Z Variant S, Dawn of the Breakers, Warhammer A...

go What game are you playing? (38) warded
foxigalx.gif ...

go Game Demos in eShop (19) warded
Select Search - Games with demo available - Release date - Newest first

go Current offers / Discounts (6) warded
faint.gif Way too many to list...

go Nintendo Switch Lite (19) warded
redalert.gif Confirmed!

go Nintendo Labo (0) warded
it's stupid, the end.

go Ring Fit Adventure (0) warded
Another game for your mom. hahaha.gif

go Nintendo Switch (v2) (2) warded
It is in stores. read.gif Supposed to have better battery life than v1 (original Switch).

go Internet browser (?) (1) warded
The switch seems to have it, but it is very limited/restricted. Some games use it to display their EULA and some other info. Trying to open something not allowed will simply give you an error message ...

go Battery life (1) warded
Pretty much any game from 4 to 6 hours.

go Youtube support (1) warded
Yes. There is an youtube application in the eshop. Tested and configured it. Watched some AVGN. Also there are some videos/trailers in the NEWS section/channels of the switch too.

go Plans to get a Switch (26) warded
I personally have no immediate need to buy one. I'll get one eventually after 3DS is laid to rest.

go This group. (3) warded
Will become more active when i get a switch myself.

go Welcome! (5) warded
This is a group for Nintendo Switch.

go Pro Controllers (3) warded
Wired = 30-50 eurosWireless = 80-120 euros


Photos (3)

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Polls (3)

go Interested in Nintendo Switch Lite?
go What bundle/version do you have?
go In what year did you get your first switch?

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