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Subject: Welcome!
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warded 2.05.18 - 05:42pm
This is a group for Nintendo Switch. *

warded 11.09.18 - 04:25am
The machine is about 1,5 years old now. *

warded 18.10.18 - 06:40pm
whip.GIF still costs 330 euros on average *

warded 25.03.19 - 04:09pm
When i will get one i will most likely buy it from K-Citymarket for multiple reasons like bonus points and proper warranty. *

warded 2.04.19 - 07:54pm
or Prisma. No bonus, but got a proper warranty. *

warded 30.06.19 - 10:18am
i paid 349e for the smash bros bundle. they discounted it later even further to 299e. now they sell the standard non-game bundle for 359e. *

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