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Subject: Plans to get a Switch
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warded 2.05.18 - 06:39pm
I personally have no immediate need to buy one. I'll get one eventually after 3DS is laid to rest. *

warded 24.01.19 - 04:54pm
Moved one step forward and got my 1st switch game; Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition *

warded 27.01.19 - 03:27am
grabbed sonic mania plus yesterday *

sourface 8.03.19 - 07:06pm
Any good? *

warded 8.03.19 - 07:37pm
The switch itself is still in the planning process. . . it prolly won't get a discount. it is 350e though someone offered me their old one for like 150e . *

sourface 8.03.19 - 08:33pm
Hmmm i think i prefer them brand new i keep reciepts? And feel better knowing ive got the year guarantee. When are you expecting to have it by? *

warded 9.03.19 - 03:39am
Same. I want the warranty etc. Sonic Mania is supposed to be very good too. I'm getting switch sometime this year. I'm still very busy with 3ds games *

warded 9.03.19 - 03:43am
btw my blog has a list of my switch games *

warded 25.03.19 - 04:05pm
Moving forward, but not there yet. *

warded 4.04.19 - 05:02pm
Got the machine from Prisma, but it isn't set up yet. *

warded 4.04.19 - 05:09pm
got the SSBU edition for 350e. a relatively good save. Depends on who's price you compare it to the save was from 50 to 100e good.GIF *

warded 4.04.19 - 05:22pm
and i can sell the DL Code for digital SSBU for another 50e or so good.GIF *

warded 4.04.19 - 05:25pm
Because i already own the physical version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. fit.GIF *

sephiroth 6.04.19 - 02:11pm
I like that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of the N.S.

Now I want one! Dreamy.GIF *

warded 7.04.19 - 10:25pm
Just set it up (handheld mode) , put in 128GB micro SDXC and updated firmware , also played Tales of vesperia for three minutes. *

warded 10.04.19 - 08:10pm
Played / Tested all the games i have right now to the first save / checkpoint. i've only unboxed the machine and the joy-cons and i've been using the handheld mode only. Because i don't have a tv in my room. *

warded 10.04.19 - 08:13pm
Most games are well playable in HH mode. Doom is kinda hard tho. And Mario Odyssey uses some gesture gimmicks which require motion controls. *

warded 11.04.19 - 05:42pm
Bought battle chasers nightwar based solely on the review by rpgfan. actually i don't read reviews, just the score and possible medal ''editor's pick'' etc. *

warded 15.04.19 - 01:04pm
will prolly pick up 'torna' next *

warded 15.04.19 - 04:49pm
also MAXIMA *

warded 18.04.19 - 04:52pm
Picked up both. *

sephiroth 18.04.19 - 08:19pm
Champagne.GIF *

sephiroth 13.06.19 - 06:12pm
Is this even a thing?
Nice colours. *

warded 13.06.19 - 08:50pm
i have no idea lol *

warded 13.06.19 - 08:53pm
my local prisma discounted the SSBU bundle even further, to 299 euros. they only have like 2 anymore tho. *

cerberus611 11.07.19 - 06:22pm
The Nintendo Switch Lite good.GIF
z89c8BNQCYa9cmZegSfBc6-650-80.jpg *

cerberus611 11.07.19 - 06:37pm
Official Nintendo site Switch Lite overview Link *

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